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The wild swans
Portfolio project of a fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen

Single page and spread illustration in gouache, colored

8x 10 inch

This is a portfolio project using the fairytale "the wild swans" by Hans Christian Andersen.

Key of this project was to practice the power of gouache in a way that creates a romantic, timeless space where one can feel at home as well as at peace.

To achieve this, with this project I have looked at another contemporary artist who creates such images of peace and retreat into nature and who has been a great inspiration and example for me: Lore Pemberton. One of her images has been the paragon for the marshland spread, which is why it is cited here. The composition of my illustration is based on this image and serves as an excercise to use an existing illustration and try to convert it into other contexts and with ones own means.

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