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Außergewöhnliche Abenteuergeschichten von Leseratte Ramona und Kanal Karli
Written by Sonja Katrina Brauner

Early reader 5-8 years

8,3 x 11,7 in

52 pages

Ramona and Charly live down in the sewer.

It might sound bad and smelly, but they have arranged the coziest little space for themselves.

Their love for exciting Stories connects them and led them to form an extraordinary friendship.

Ramona loves cheese and tends to hide it in the most peculiar corners, which is why a lot of times she cannot find it again. Maybe you can help her? Her friend Charly is passionate about writing children’s books and enjoys creating new worlds.

His glamorous sisters Glitter Gundi and Glamour Gitta live upstairs in the goldcave and sell gemstones and gold. One day they ask Charly and Ramona for their help and this is how their stories start. They travel the world  and you can help them protect the diamond “Beautiful Samba”, which almost gets stolen in the first book. Help them catch the the thiefs!

Illustrations: Gouache and ink

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